Sunday, January 12


Happy New Year!
Are you exited as I am for 2014 ? This year I decided to take some resolutions. Actually there are more like goals. Here they are:

-Create: learn to knit (I've always wanted to knit my own beanies) + take more pictures (I got a new camera this year so I started taking more pictures but I want to continue to improve my techniques and style and make more memories) + scrapbooking (I have loads of scrapbooking paper, and scissors, and embellishments but I never use them because it's quite long to do. This year I'm going to do it. This will also encourage me to print out my pictures because all I usually do is save them on my computer and that's not enough.)
-Style: I think I found my style this year and I feel pretty comfortable with it. But I would like to concentrate on jewelry this year. I already have a bunch of necklaces and bracelets. So this year I want to start a ring collection.
-Cook: I want to learn how to cook. I know how to bake cupcakes and cookies but I can't cook anything salty.
-Life: I want to get more organized with my work, with my blog, and my room. And also start exercising (maybe bike rides or jogging)
So I wish you a very happy new year and encourage you to take some resolutions too!

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