Wednesday, October 1

31DC2014: The End!

 awesome badge found on Chalkboard Nails
Today is the last  day of the 31 days nail art challenge. I was supposed to do a nail art to "honor nails I love" but as I told you yesterday, I loved so many I couldn't choose just one! So I decided to do a link up with all the nail art designs I loved the most and I'll recreate them in the next few weeks. So here's my list (in chronological order, not preferential):
-This crab manicure by Chalkboard nails
-That violet watercolor nail art by the same artist
-The very classic red roses by Chalkboard nails
-This confetti mani by the Nailasaurus
-Those beautiful flowers by Paulina's Passions
-This very autumnal Canada flag inspired nail art by Coewless Nail Polish
-That marble mani is awesome! (By the Nailasaurus)
-This fun banana nail art by Paulina's Passions
-This colorful nail art by the Nailasaurus
-These cute ghosts would be super cute for Halloween! (by Coewless Nail Polish)
I also enjoyed Petite Peinture's nail art in general.

Now I know that this list is pretty long so it will take a while to recreate but I just really wanted to honor those amazing designs! If I really had to choose just one, it would have probably been the watercolor nail art by Chalkboard nails. If you followed other blogs who did this challenge, what were your favorites? And which one of my manis did you prefer?
Love, Elsa

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  1. Congratulations for completing the challenge!
    - F -


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