Tuesday, May 27

A purple dress

Hi friends!
This is a dress I sewed a few months ago. It is very cute, and purple and lace-y! I wore at a friend's party and got a few compliments so I'm pretty proud of it.

 This is a quick drawing I made before sewing, that's what I wanted it to look like. I thought about adding sleeves but I didn't because I'm a bit lazy.

And these are the dimensions I used to cut my fabric. Feel free to use this and modify them according to your size but if you post anything online, please link back to this blog post. Thanks :)

By the way, sorry for the long absence on here, tomorrow is my last day of "real" class. I'll have one last test and and then I'm free for more than two months! Gotta love the summer holidays :) Love you all!


  1. Hello there!

    I've been reading a few articles from your blog and I think you have a true talent for this!
    I just wanted to congratulate you for all this creative things you do at such an early age!

    You should definitely keep on doing this and start a career as a creator or something!


    A friend :)

  2. You're so crafty {and talented of course!} for your age!

    Regina and Tin's Corner


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