Saturday, June 7

Cute stuff on the internet

Today I wanted to show you things I made following tutorials on the internet. The first one is this adorable cat bag from ABM. When I saw this blog post, I just knew I had to make one! It's not that easy to make and if you're not used to sewing, try some simpler projects before doing this. If you're afraid to fail, use faux leather like I did so you don't waste some pricy real one!

And the other thing is this super cute heart bracelet made from embroidery thread. I learned how to do this thanks to the amazing youtuber LaurDIY. Go check out her video here. It's very easy to do, once you get the hang of it. And it takes quite some time so I made it watching some old episodes of PLL :) I added some chain so I could take it off more easily.
I hope those links will inspire you to make something this week-end. Why not lie in your garden while making cute bracelets and drink lemonade?
Love, Elsa

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  1. Cool bracelets!
    I think I've got a similar one a very good friend did for my birthday...;)
    Always nice to read your posts!


    A friend :)


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