Thursday, June 19

Pineapple nail art tutorial

Hi friends!
Today I wanted to make some really fun nail art design inspired by the summer. Pineapples are delicious, fun and super trendy right now! And I'll show you how to make these on your nails. You'll see, it's not that hard.
Paint your nails in any color you want. I chose blue to make the orange pineapple pop. I painted the nails were I planned to draw the pineapples a very light blue.
Then, draw an half oval shape in orange and some green leaves.
Outline the pineapple with black and trace some parallel line in on the pineapple.
Then trace some parallel lines the other way in order to form a grid.
You can make smaller pineapples on another nail like I did.
Finish it off with some topcoat and you're done! Do you like it? If you recreate this design, please post a link in the comments so I can see!
Love, Elsa

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  1. So cute! i will try this as soon as my nails grow a little longer :) Love your blog!


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