Friday, August 29

The 31 Day Challenge (Nail Art)

Hi friends!
Every year, Sarah from Chalkboard Nails organizes the 31 Day Challenge in September. It's a challenge where you have to do nail art every single day for 31 days! It doesn't have to be super complicated each time, but you do have to follow the daily rule. I'm not sure I'll find enough time to change my mani every single day but I really want to try. I hope it will help me progress on my nail art skills. The only day I'm not looking forward to is the watermarble because I tried it once and I failed miserably! Anyway, you can find Sarah's FAQ here. And if any of you want to participate, please give me a link to your blog or the social media platform you plan on sharing it on. It would be so fun to participate together <3 !
Love, Elsa

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