Sunday, December 21

Christmas Collab! DIY Felt Stocking Ornament

 Hello everyone!
I am very excited today because I am collaborating for the first time. I'm very happy because this collaboration is with the lovely Fran from Elevator Brain (even her blog title is cool!). On her blog, she posts sketches and paintings made by her talented self, inspirational posts and some tips. You should definitively check it out because it's awesome! We decided to do Christmas DIYs. She made a Christmas tree out of magazines!

I chose to do a felt ornament. I made this little monogrammed sock. It's very easy and takes a bit of time if you decide to hand-stitch it like I did, but I did it while watching a movie with my family so it was really nice. Fabric glue or hot glue are fine though, since you normally shouldn't have to wash it.
 You'll need: felt in two colors, ribbon, scissors, a needle and thread in two colors (or glue), paper and a pen.
Cut out 2 socks in one color. Then, in your other color, cut out little embellishments like two heel patches or that band that goes at the top. (be careful: if there is a right and a wrong side to your felt, you should cut one and then reverse it to cut the second one) To make the letter, I first drew out a few 'J's on paper until I was happy with how it looked. Then I cut it out of the paper and used it as a pattern to cut it out of the felt.
Sew the letter on one of the sock shapes. After it's done, sew the two sock shapes together.
Sew the little heel patches on both sides of the sock.
Put the white band at the top of the sock on each side, and put your ribbon in between. Sew it all together and you're done!
I hope you liked this tutorial and will use it. I made this little ornament for my class's Secret Santa. The guy whose name I had picked is allergic to lots of things, including chocolate so anything edible wasn't an option. I decided to make this because it's personalized and everyone loves hand-made gifts, don't they?

Don't forget to check out Fran's DIY and have a nice day!
Love, Elsa

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  1. Thank you for collaborating with me! I've really enjoyed reading this post, I will have to have a go at making my own felt ornament :)


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