Tuesday, February 18

DIY Wolf Plush

Hi everyone! This is a cute little plush I made for a friend. It is supposed to be a wolf. I know, it doesn't look like any real animal on earth but I like it anyway. I was inspired by the adorable fox plush from ABM. First, I drew a little sketch of what I wanted it to look like.
Hahaha, he looks evil.
Then I drew this on a piece of fabric and pinned two pieces of fabric together. I cut them and sewed with my sewing machine around the line. I left a gap to be able to flip it inside out.
I filled it with stuffing and closed it by stitching by hand. Then I cut a white piece of fabric to do the belly, black eyes and a nose. And I sewed them on the plush and stitched all around. This was the very long part. I would advise watching a movie or some tv series episodes.
Do you like it? That wolf is cute, isn't it? Please tell me what you think in the comments and follow me on bloglovin.
Love, Elsa

ps: I realized the comment section was only opened to people with a specific type of account but I changed it to everybody. I would really love your feedback.

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