Wednesday, February 12

DIY Branch Necklace Holder

Hi everybody!
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, are you exited?
Today, I want to show you this pretty branch that I use to hold my necklaces. I was inspired by all these beautiful antler jewelry holders. I would have loved to make one but then I found this interestingly-shaped branch near my fire place and decided to use it instead. So here's how you can make your own.
You'll need: A branch, some wire, pliers and anything you like to decorate it!
Bend the wire around the branch and make a loop. I made two hooks, but depending on the length or shape of your branch you might need more.
 Hang it to the wall with screws. And hang your necklaces on it!
Then, you can decorate it. I made a paper flower ( has a lot of great tutorials on different flowers) and stuck it with double-sided tape. And I used the leaves of a fake flower because they just fell off. Of course, you could also leave it simple and natural.
How would you decorate yours? Answer me in the comments and don't forget to follow me bloglovin.
Love, Elsa

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