Wednesday, February 19

Glitter shoes

Hello everyone! How's life?
So I had these shoes. Shoes I had bought at some sort of garage sale (I think that's what English-speaking people call them, right ?). I liked them, but not as much as my other pairs. So I didn't wear them. Lesson of the day: don't buy anything just because it's cheap! But I'm sure you new that. I try sticking to that rule and usually succeed because I have a pretty high will power, but sometimes the shoe-euphoria wins me over. And I bought them. After wearing them once and putting them back on my shoe rack for several months, I decided to make them prettier, to transform them into something I would want to wear. And I did! I used silver spray paint and silver glitter. I love GLITTER ! but then again who doesn't?

That's what they looked like. Okay, but just not that cute. I took the laces off and taped where I didn't want the paint to go. Then I spray-painted them and let them dry.
And I thought "Well that is definitely better" But it still didn't feel special. So I took some glue, sprinkled some glitter and the magic happened. (Sorry for the "blue-ness" of the picture, I'm still learning)

I didn't make them all glitter because even though it would have been amazing, they might have become hard to wear. And me not wearing them was the original problem. When I was finished, I sprayed clear polish on them to make the glitter hold and that was it. Let dry for a day or two, then go out and enjoy your new sparkly shoes!
Love, Elsa

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