Saturday, January 25

DIY Card

Hi friends!
To my mind, a self-made card will always be better than a store-bought one, even if some companies produce beautiful cars for every occasion. I just feel it's more personal. So last week end I made this little card for my grand-father. It was very easy to make and I think it looks very cute! You'll need:
- paper in different colors (the paper needs to be a little thick)
- a pencil and a pen
- scissors
- a ruler and a protractor
- a glue stick
These are the dimensions I used. The only measurement you'll need to keep no matter how big or small you want your hexagons is the 60° angle. Draw an hexagon the size you want on some paper (don't use your fancy colored paper, this is just a stencil).
Place your stencil on the colored paper and trace over the outline. You can use any color you want. I would still advise not to take too many different colors. I decided from the beginning how many hexagons of each color I wanted but I guess you can also just cut 2 or 3 from each color and then decide, but you might waste some paper.
Cut all the hexagons. I chose different shades of blue and purple and ended up adding some white. My hexagons are not perfectly symmetrical but both ways work, the finished product will look a little different.
Then play around with your hexagons, placing them randomly until you are pleased with how it looks. Cut some hexagons in half or smaller to fit in the corners. After that, cut some white paper to make the base of your card, and glue everything.
Then, depending on what occasion the card is for, write a small message on another paper or directly on the card (I was afraid to mess it up!). I also drew a little bee to go with the hexagons.
And voila! You are finished and can be proud of yourself. See? it wasn't hard at all. And I guarantee you that the person you'll give this card too will be happier than if you had just bought a card!

Tell me what you color you would choose in the comment section and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin!
Love, Elsa

Monday, January 20

Dotted manicure

Hello everyone!
Dots are the easiest design ever and they look so cute and sophisticated. Here's what I wore during my trip to Aachen, Germany.
Love, Elsa

Friday, January 17

Embellished bracelet

I had this gold cuff bracelet whose stone I had lost. So I glued some colorful little rhinestones to make it pretty again! Of course, I chose the placement of the stones before gluing them.
Love, Elsa

Monday, January 13

Snowflake nails for winter!

Today here are some cute and easy snowflakes nails. What I love about them is that you don't have to worry about messing up because each snowflake is unique!
To draw these, I first drew a simple star and then made the snowflake more complicated. And when I was done I added some glitter top coat.

Hope you like them and bye!
Love, Elsa

Sunday, January 12


Happy New Year!
Are you exited as I am for 2014 ? This year I decided to take some resolutions. Actually there are more like goals. Here they are:

-Create: learn to knit (I've always wanted to knit my own beanies) + take more pictures (I got a new camera this year so I started taking more pictures but I want to continue to improve my techniques and style and make more memories) + scrapbooking (I have loads of scrapbooking paper, and scissors, and embellishments but I never use them because it's quite long to do. This year I'm going to do it. This will also encourage me to print out my pictures because all I usually do is save them on my computer and that's not enough.)
-Style: I think I found my style this year and I feel pretty comfortable with it. But I would like to concentrate on jewelry this year. I already have a bunch of necklaces and bracelets. So this year I want to start a ring collection.
-Cook: I want to learn how to cook. I know how to bake cupcakes and cookies but I can't cook anything salty.
-Life: I want to get more organized with my work, with my blog, and my room. And also start exercising (maybe bike rides or jogging)
So I wish you a very happy new year and encourage you to take some resolutions too!


Hello and welcome to my blog!
I am very exited to start this new adventure in this new year.
Lots of love,