Saturday, March 29

Chevron nails for spring

Hi friends!
Yesterday I was admiring the flowers and enjoying the sun and I thought I should do a spring-y manicure. But as much as I love flowers, I wanted something a bit more original. So I used the green (it looks blue in the picture but i's more of a turquoise-ish green) 842 from HEMA and black and white stripers from Primark. Do you like it?
Love, Elsa

Sunday, March 23

Thoughts and ideas

Hello everyone.
I know it has been a while since I posted everything. Since I'm new to blogging and don't have that many readers, I feel I don't have to post a lot since I am not disappointing a lot of people. But if you are reading this, I am thankful for you and I am sorry for not having posted anything. 1 reader is as important 10000. And I felt like I couldn't come back with a simple post and had to do something special. And then I decided to just write something. To stop worrying and just write. The best advice I ever had about blogging is from Whitney at Dressed Up Nails was to only blog when you want to. If it feels like and obligation, don't or you won't have fun and your post will not be as good as it could be. So I followed her advice and just waited to feel the urge come back. And today I really wanted to write this. But I still have an explanation ! I have been crazy busy! First, I have a lot of work and stuff and second, I have been spending all my free time sewing my costumes for my school's carnival. The theme is "cinema" and I am going as the white queen in Alice in Wonderland and a friend of mine is doing the evil red queen. I am so excited, it is going to be so much fun! I will show you my dress and my make up later.

So since I haven't done anything interesting lately, I decided to show you stuff I want to make. Spring has just begun and I am obsessed with flowers. I really want to sew things with cute flower fabric! And other flowery nail art :)
And a few things I found around the internet:
-This amazing Spring Wallflowers Sign by Laura on ABM. It's so beautiful and spring-y!
-This Gold Geometric Lamp by Sarah M. Dorsey Design. This looks a bit to complicated for me but it looks so cool!
-Kelly Smith's fashion illustrations are simply perfect. I can only hope to become as good as she is. Maybe one day!
-And finally, this post by Scathingly Brilliant is very true and inspiring. Why should blogger try to become successful before being happy?

Love, Elsa