Saturday, July 26


Hi friends!
I am back from New York. I really loved it and took tons of pictures. When I came back, I ran up to my room to check if my plants were still alive. They seem to be be all alive and happy and some of my sempervivems ( also called hens and chicks) are even growing some baby rosettes! And I was surprised when I saw my cacti because I hadn't realized how much it had grown since I have it. It's also much greener, but that might be because it's summer. To compare, you can look at my first post, there's a picture of it in December and it's so cute and tiny! I repotted it since then and I plan to paint the pot sometime soon. But I find it simply amazing how plants grow, so slowly that you don't even realize it, but when you look back you see how much they've changed. Kinda like humans I guess...
I know this post is different and maybe not so interesting but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you.
Love, Elsa

PS: It's also crazy to think how fast internet moves. I only left for ten days and I have 500 posts (with no exaggeration) on bloglovin to catch up on! If you don't know what Bloglovin is, I suggest you check it out, it's so helpful and allows you to read all the new posts from the blogs you like on the same page.

Thursday, July 24

DIY Kimono

Hi everybody!
A couple weeks ago I sewed this kimono and it was surprisingly easy! I know that there are a lot of tutorials already online so I didn't make one but don't be afraid to ask me and I would be so happy to make one for you <3
Love, Elsa

Sunday, July 20

Drawing 002

Hi friends!
And the second drawing on my blog is... a portrait of a girl with a flower crown! How original! (see here for the 1st one) But you know what they say, "practice makes perfect" so I'm practicing. I drew this for a friend who is very important to me so I spent quite some time on it. Especially the flowers and the hair. Like always, the hardest part for me is hair. I just can't seem to make it look realistic. But like I said, practice. If you have any tips on how to draw hair or know about some nice tutorials online, please share them with me in the comments. I will be eternally grateful.
Hope you are having an amazing day and bye!
Love, Elsa

Wednesday, July 16

DIY Camisole/Tank Top

I hope you are spending a very nice summer with lots of sun and ice cream! Today I'll show you a top I made thanks to Q2HAN's tutorial. Q2HAN is a blog and youtube channel by two very talented sisters who love sewing. Their video tutorials are very well explained and they have a great style!
This top was a bit hard to make because the fabric I chose is quite slippery and frayed a lot as well. And there are two layers. But I did it! It's a very light fabric so it's nice to wear on a warm summer day.
Oh, btw the pictures don't show my face because I looked weird in all of them :) But the top is what matters here anyways. Will you be making one of these?
Love, Elsa

Friday, July 11

New York, New York!

image via
Hi friends!
In only a few days, I am flying to New York. I have never been so I am super exited! I have scheduled a few posts during my trip but I just wanted to tell you so if you comment on something or email me, I might take a while to answer. But I'll be back soon with a lot of pictures!
Love, Elsa

Tuesday, July 8

Cactus Nail Art

Hello friends!
Today I'll quickly share this simple and fun nail art design: small cacti! This idea is not mine, I just tried to replicate this mani by Chalkboard nails because I loved it so much. And I recently bought some succulents and repotted my little cacti so I was inspired by them. I didn't make it into a tutorial since it's not my original creation and it seems pretty self-explanatory to me but if you're interested by some step-by-step pictures, just ask me.
Love, Elsa

Friday, July 4

DIY Birthday Card


Hello everyone and happy 4th of July!
Since I am french, I don't celebrate the American Independence Day. However, my Dad's birthday is today. So happy birthday Dad! I made this little card for him because I always prefer homemade cards over store-bought ones. It's always more personal. And to make it more personal, I put a little octopus on it! (It's kind of an inside joke) I was inspired by the summer and the sea so I put ombré waves on it. To make your own card you'll need some white paper for the base of the card, some blue paper in at least three shades (you could pick another color instead of blue but it wouldn't look like waves, but I guess you could make some red and orange lava...? Or a magic pink sea!), scissors, glue and a pencil.
First, cut your white paper to make the base of the card. You can make it any size you like. Then, cut the lightest shade of blue a tiny less larger than the white card once it's folded in two. You don't have to make it as long as the card, just make sure it's long enough so the next color will cover the bottom of it.
After that, draw the waves on the top of your blue paper. I tried several options but I went with three waves in the end. Once you are happy with the shape of the waves, cut it.
Then, glue it to the card. You can glue it as high or as low as you want. I left a bit of white at the top but you could leave more or none at all. Then, repeat the same steps with the darker blues. I made the medium shade with four waves and the darkest with three again.
And to add the finishing touch, I drew a cute little octopus on some white paper and cut it out and I gave him a face with a black pen. And I added a speech bubble cut out of tracing paper because I thought the transparency effect would look cool and I didn't want to hide the waves. Obviously, it's my dad's b-day so I wrote "happy birthday" on it but you can write anything you like.
And voila! You just made a super cute summer themed card. The octopus is a little childish so it would make a cute card for a baby boy birth. And yes, I know my father is not a baby boy but I like cute stuff so that's what he got!
Love, Elsa

Thursday, July 3

Get organized this summer #2

Hi friends!
Have you written down your goals for this summer yet? Today I'll show you an easy and pretty way to display wall art or reminders that allows you to change them really easily. You'll need some nice masking tape and small clothes pins. Then, just attach the pin to your wall with the masking tape in a way that still lets you open and close the pin.
And here you go! It's the easiest thing ever, right? That way, you can display anything you want. I use this method to hang pretty images, my school schedule and little reminders and notes. I hope you like this and I wish you a very nice day. What will you display with it?
Love, Elsa