Monday, June 30

Get organized this summer #1

Hi guys!
Today I will start a new series on this blog of organizational tips or DIYs.
The first step to getting more organized is setting goals. Decide what you want to organize and achieve. If you have big goals, it's better to separate them in smaller steps so you don't feel overwhelmed. For example, I plan to reorganize and redecorate my whole room but if I write "organize room" on my list, I know I'll never get it done because it's not something I can do in a few hours. So instead, I can write "organize closet", "organize scrapbooking stash", "organize desk"... And that way, I am actually gonna get these things done faster because they just seem easier. Procrastination can be a big problem and for me, it is usually caused by thoughts like "there's no point in doing this" or "it's too hard anyway" and by making the goals I want to achieve smaller and easier, I won't feel that discouraged. If there is something really hard you have to do, set yourself a nice reward. Make it as big or as small as you want, depending on the task you have to do.
You should also hang that list somewhere where you'll see it every day. Make that list pretty and easy to read! Cross off anything you have done so you can see your achievements. I love crossing things out of lists. It's actually a guilty pleasure of mine. Makes me feel sooo organized and efficient.
The last thing is about schedules. I don't like schedules because if I don't finish one thing in time, I'll be late on everything and feel bad about it. And it's the summer holidays right now for me so I don't want to feel pressured at all. I think deadlines are better because that way you can work or relax when you want to but you still have to get stuff done. For example, I have to read 7 books before September comes and I go back to school. So instead of forcing myself to read for an hour every morning or something, I prefer to decide how many days I have to finish each book.
If any of you have books to read for school, I have another tip: count how many pages the book has (minus the useless pages there sometimes are at the beginning and end of the book) and divide that number by the number of days you have to read it. and you get how many pages you have to read per day! (Ex: if I need to read 150 pages in a week, I divide 150 by 7 and I get 21,4, which means I have to read 22 pages each day)
Here's my own list of stuff to do:
And yes, I plan to continue the fruit plush project. Cause my apple plush is feeling kinda lonely... :) I hope this post can me helpful and you'll enjoy this series. Tell me your goals in the comments!
Love, Elsa

Thursday, June 19

Pineapple nail art tutorial

Hi friends!
Today I wanted to make some really fun nail art design inspired by the summer. Pineapples are delicious, fun and super trendy right now! And I'll show you how to make these on your nails. You'll see, it's not that hard.
Paint your nails in any color you want. I chose blue to make the orange pineapple pop. I painted the nails were I planned to draw the pineapples a very light blue.
Then, draw an half oval shape in orange and some green leaves.
Outline the pineapple with black and trace some parallel line in on the pineapple.
Then trace some parallel lines the other way in order to form a grid.
You can make smaller pineapples on another nail like I did.
Finish it off with some topcoat and you're done! Do you like it? If you recreate this design, please post a link in the comments so I can see!
Love, Elsa

Saturday, June 7

Cute stuff on the internet

Today I wanted to show you things I made following tutorials on the internet. The first one is this adorable cat bag from ABM. When I saw this blog post, I just knew I had to make one! It's not that easy to make and if you're not used to sewing, try some simpler projects before doing this. If you're afraid to fail, use faux leather like I did so you don't waste some pricy real one!

And the other thing is this super cute heart bracelet made from embroidery thread. I learned how to do this thanks to the amazing youtuber LaurDIY. Go check out her video here. It's very easy to do, once you get the hang of it. And it takes quite some time so I made it watching some old episodes of PLL :) I added some chain so I could take it off more easily.
I hope those links will inspire you to make something this week-end. Why not lie in your garden while making cute bracelets and drink lemonade?
Love, Elsa

Wednesday, June 4

Palm tree nail art

Are you ready for summer?
I know I am, and I can't wait!! I made this little palm tree on my nails yesterday. I painted all my nails in color 7 of the brand Kiko and then I made an ombré with orange and yellow using a sponge. I wanted it to look like the sunset and think I quite like the result. Then I drew the palm tree with a black striper from Primark.
Hope you like it.
Love, Elsa

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