Sunday, January 25

Red and Grey Roses

Hi friends! Today is 2015's first nail art post! Woohoo!
I decided to make some classic red roses. I find it easier to wear red nails in winter rather than in spring or summer. Plus, I always love flowers. The red I used is actually not that vibrant and more darker and deeper. So, there are already a lot of tutorials to make roses on your nails so I didn't make one. Of course, feel free to ask me for a tutorial in the comments if you want.
The colors I used are mainly from HEMA (red: 824 / black: 851 / white: 809 / green: 844) and the grey is from KIKO (818). Anyway, I hope you like these femme fatale nails.
Love, Elsa

Tuesday, January 13

Birthday Card Ideas

Hi friends!
Today I wanted to show you some DIY birthday cards I made a few days ago for friends. The one with the cupcake is for my friend Emilie who turns 17 tomorrow! And the one below was for my friend Niels whose birthday was on Saturday. I just wanted to show you how easy it is to make your own cards. Just choose some nice paper, fold it in half like a card and glue a little drawing on the front. The cupcake is the easier option to draw plus it works for anyone whereas the cat needs a bit more drawing skill and only works for cat-lovers. But you could draw anything that makes you think of the person that you're doing the card for. I hope you'll think about making your own cards!
Love, Elsa

Friday, January 9


Happy New Year.
I hope you had a nice time. Are you ready for a whole new year?!
I personally feel weird about it. I usually love starting fresh and planning my goals, thinking of everything that could happen in a year... But this year, I'm less excited. Maybe it's because I was sick around New Year's Eve or that I have a lot of work to finish for the beginning of this year, but I'm not feeling that usual energy. Anyway, I am a very positive person by nature so I know the feeling will come. But, I still have thought about what I want to achieve this year. Here are my resolutions and goals:
- Get better at drawing. I have been drawing a lot since November and making progress and it's super motivating. I also got a bunch of pencils for Christmas (F, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B and graphite) so I'm excited.
- Get a vague idea of what I want to do. I still have one year and a half until I graduate from high-school so I do want to find out what I want and learn not to be afraid of admitting it. I am currently doing the scientific option (the other options are literature+languages and economics) because I like maths but I can only imagine myself doing an artistic job so it can be a bit scary.
- Style-wise, I'm pretty happy with myself. I might try to experiment with more of an edgy side. (I'm more of a pastel floral kind of gal). BTW, I was thinking of maybe trying some style posts?? Tell me what you think.
- Keep blogging. I think my blog is around 1 year old now which is exciting! I want to try and be more regular with my posting but I will have a lot of work and exams so I won't make any promises. So, like I said, I might try and do some style posts and maybe a regular feature of links to posts from other bloggers that I liked or DIYs I want to try.
- It's always been a dream of mine to get the splits. I used to be quite flexible because I did gymnastics from ages 6 to 12 but I stopped so I lost it all. I have started yoga with youtube videos during the summer but I want to try and stretch every day until I'm Elastigirl!