Thursday, February 27

The fruit plush project

I had some problem sewing the strawberry, it looked like a carrot ;)
I will need to make it again so I decided to show you today what I plan to do, the apple tutorial can be found here. Comment if you have any other ideas for fruits to sew.
Love, Elsa

Wednesday, February 26

Lacey top

Hi friends! Today I'm showing you how I embellished a simple plain pink top I had with a little bit of lace. It's super easy!
To do the same you'll need: A top you want to make prettier, scissors, lace, same colored thread, pins, a needle. (Optional: a measuring ribbon, and something to write on fabric). Decide where you want to place the lace, I chose to put one piece in the front and on each sleeve. Then pin the lace in place and see if you like how it looks. If you do, sew it. And you are done! Easy peasy!

Love, Elsa
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Tuesday, February 25

Flower nails nb°2

Hi friends! I painted my nails and drew some flowers, again. But you can never have too many flowers! I can't wait for spring.
Love, Elsa

Monday, February 24

DIY Fruit Plush: Apple

 Hello! I hope you are feeling great today. I decided to make an easy and cute sewing series on several fruits. If you have any suggestions, please tell me in the comments :)
 I drew this little tutorial, I hope it's easy to understand, don't be afraid to ask if you have a question.
Lot's of love and bye!

Saturday, February 22

Nail art tutorial: Ikat Nails

Hi everyone! For today, I prepared a nail art tutorial for you guys. It is quite classic since they're ikat nails but everyone has their different version of it and this is mine. It is fairly easy. You'll need: base and top coat if you like to use them, white polish (you could use a striper but a normal brush is ok), a black striper, and then you can take two colors of your choice (I chose contrasting one but similar colors can work, you just won't get the same result.)
Apply (base coat) and your base color. After it dries, draw some white diamond shapes. Don't draw them all in the middle of each nail, place some half diamonds in there too. They don't need to be absolutely perfect since we will outline them later.
Then draw smaller diamonds in the other color you chose. I chose orange. Again, don't worry about making them perfect.

Let it all dry. Then, draw small parallel lines all around the white diamond and some lines forming kind of a lozenge shape in the middle of the colored diamond (here in orange). Add some top coat if you want to make it last longer. And you're done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
And below is a picture of ikat nails I made last year with the same colors. First, terrible picture quality, then wiggly nail art, and last, I didn't wash around my nails so there are little spots of nail polish. 2014: a year for improvement! There is always room for improvement :) So if you have this result trying your hand at ikat nails, don't feel bad. You WILL get better. The nails shown today were only the second time I made ikat nails and they are already way better (at least in my opinion).
And if your first ikat nails are beautiful well congratulations! You are officially a nail artist! (or I used to be very bad, I don't know) ;)
If you use this turorial, give me a link in the comments, I'd love to see your recreations. If you use these in a blog post, please credit. Tell me what you think in the comments. Also, you can ask me questions or tell me what you would like to see more/less on my blog. I always enjoy feedback and I am totally ok with criticism, as long as it's constructive. And follow me on bloglovin if you want to be aware of new posts.
Love you all! Elsa

DIY Nest necklace

Hi! This is just a quick post to show you my version of this amazing idea by Sincerely, Kinsey a bird nest necklace made of just three white pearls and some wire. Love you! Elsa

Thursday, February 20

Dungaree Dress

Hello my darlings! I sewed a dungaree dress! Well, not just now, I made it this summer but I thought you might be interested in seeing it. It was pretty easy to make without any sewing pattern. I used 1 and a half meter of cotton fabric. But I am quite small.

 The only "complicated" parts were the pleats on the skirt. I measured my waist, divided it by 2 and added 16cm for two pleats of 8cm.
It closes with a small zipper on the side.
Now I just have to wait for the sun to wear it! Or wear it as a skirt with a sweater over it and some pink tights! Do you like it?
Love, Elsa

Wednesday, February 19

Glitter shoes

Hello everyone! How's life?
So I had these shoes. Shoes I had bought at some sort of garage sale (I think that's what English-speaking people call them, right ?). I liked them, but not as much as my other pairs. So I didn't wear them. Lesson of the day: don't buy anything just because it's cheap! But I'm sure you new that. I try sticking to that rule and usually succeed because I have a pretty high will power, but sometimes the shoe-euphoria wins me over. And I bought them. After wearing them once and putting them back on my shoe rack for several months, I decided to make them prettier, to transform them into something I would want to wear. And I did! I used silver spray paint and silver glitter. I love GLITTER ! but then again who doesn't?

That's what they looked like. Okay, but just not that cute. I took the laces off and taped where I didn't want the paint to go. Then I spray-painted them and let them dry.
And I thought "Well that is definitely better" But it still didn't feel special. So I took some glue, sprinkled some glitter and the magic happened. (Sorry for the "blue-ness" of the picture, I'm still learning)

I didn't make them all glitter because even though it would have been amazing, they might have become hard to wear. And me not wearing them was the original problem. When I was finished, I sprayed clear polish on them to make the glitter hold and that was it. Let dry for a day or two, then go out and enjoy your new sparkly shoes!
Love, Elsa

Tuesday, February 18

DIY Wolf Plush

Hi everyone! This is a cute little plush I made for a friend. It is supposed to be a wolf. I know, it doesn't look like any real animal on earth but I like it anyway. I was inspired by the adorable fox plush from ABM. First, I drew a little sketch of what I wanted it to look like.
Hahaha, he looks evil.
Then I drew this on a piece of fabric and pinned two pieces of fabric together. I cut them and sewed with my sewing machine around the line. I left a gap to be able to flip it inside out.
I filled it with stuffing and closed it by stitching by hand. Then I cut a white piece of fabric to do the belly, black eyes and a nose. And I sewed them on the plush and stitched all around. This was the very long part. I would advise watching a movie or some tv series episodes.
Do you like it? That wolf is cute, isn't it? Please tell me what you think in the comments and follow me on bloglovin.
Love, Elsa

ps: I realized the comment section was only opened to people with a specific type of account but I changed it to everybody. I would really love your feedback.

Monday, February 17

Flower nails

Hi friends! Here are some pretty flowers that are actually really easy to make. Tell me if you're interested in a tutorial, I would be happy to make it for you.
So what do you think? You like them?
Love, Elsa

Sunday, February 16

Flower girl

And here is the first drawing of this blog!
I drew this for an art class project and I am very proud of it so I wanted to show it.
It looked like that without colors. I actually really liked it but I felt my project needed color because there was another part with a spooky skull so I really wanted it to contrast.
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Love, Elsa

Ps: I changed the title to my handwriting instead of a classic font. Do you like it?

Saturday, February 15

DIY Deer Tee

Hey everyone! How was your valentine's day? 
Holidays are here for me! I'll try to post almost every day because I can spend as much time as I want on my blog for the next two weeks. So be prepared!
I made this simple deer tee with an old grey shirt, a sponge and some black fabric paint. I also used a stencil:
I love the sponged effect so much, I kept the stencil and hung it to my wall :)
To make your own, use some cardboard or something else between the two sides of your top so that the paint doesn't go through. Make sure the stencil is in the middle, exactly where your want it to be and tape it to the tee. Then, dab your small sponge or piece of sponge and paint !
Let dry for at least a day. Your fabric paint should have specific instructions for washing or ironing it.  What design would you chose ? Tell me in the comment section and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin.
Love, Elsa

Friday, February 14

Valentine's Day manicure

Hi everyone! Valentine's Day is today!
I made this simple manicure with pink and hearts. I know right, hearts and pink for Valentine's day ? Could I be any more cliche ? I don't know.
 I also drew some arrows. I think this little one is my favorite.
And here's the other hand: with an cute XO and another arrow. (I always think about gossip girl when I hear or say XOXO, do you?)
Yep, that little arrow is defenitly my fav'. I wish you lot's of love, from your man/friends/family (chose the option you want, or all, why not?)
XOXO, Elsa