Friday, August 29

The 31 Day Challenge (Nail Art)

Hi friends!
Every year, Sarah from Chalkboard Nails organizes the 31 Day Challenge in September. It's a challenge where you have to do nail art every single day for 31 days! It doesn't have to be super complicated each time, but you do have to follow the daily rule. I'm not sure I'll find enough time to change my mani every single day but I really want to try. I hope it will help me progress on my nail art skills. The only day I'm not looking forward to is the watermarble because I tried it once and I failed miserably! Anyway, you can find Sarah's FAQ here. And if any of you want to participate, please give me a link to your blog or the social media platform you plan on sharing it on. It would be so fun to participate together <3 !
Love, Elsa

Thursday, August 28

Talented Illustrators

Hi everyone!
Today I'll share some of my favorite illustrators with you. Some are quite famous and some are less famous but all of them are incredibly talented! I think they deserved to be admired for their talent so I decided to make a list of links for you. Enjoy!

Kelly Smith is an Australian fashion illustrator. You can find all of her work on her blog Birdy & Me.
Gloria Radio is a freelance graphic and fashion designer based in Barcelona. Her work is on Behance.
This artwork is from the french illustrator Lutheen. Here is a link to her website.
I discovered this artist via tumblr. Her artworks are beautiful and colorful. You can find more of them here.
And the last one is Kei Meguro. I also found her on tumblr.
I hope I made some of you discover these great artists. And if you already knew them, this post still congratulates them for being so awesome and talented!
Love, Elsa

Monday, August 25

Nails: Black + Roses

Hi friends!
Today I went back to my basics with a floral nail art. When I don't know what to do, I always make roses. They're simple, they're cute, and you can make it in any color you like. I chose a black background to do something a little different, I'm usually more of a pastel kinda girl. But change is nice. I like this mani because it's different but it's still me. I hope you like it and wish you an awesome day!
Love, Elsa

Saturday, August 23

6 Ways to Display Jewelry

Hi everyone! Today I thought I would show you 6 ways to display your jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, rings....
1. Cupcake stands. This one isn't such an original idea, everyone does it. But they're so pretty!! I use mine to display my bracelets. You can find some in home decor stores, vintage stores... I found mine at a garage sale. You could even DIY one, there are tons of tutorials on the internet.
2. Branches and antlers make beautiful necklace holders. You can find my tutorial for that branch here.
3. Bowls and plates are very handy and cute to store and display small pieces like rings. I like to separate the gold and the silver ones.
4. Plates are nice for bigger things like perfume bottles and nail polish. I also put some pendants and and pretty fake flowers to decorate it. This plate was diy-ed following this tutorial by ABM.
5. This jewelry box is super easy to make yourself! Find out how to make it here.
6. This last one can't really be used to display a huge quantity of necklaces but I like to hang really special pieces on this mirror.
And this is how I keep all my jewelry in my room. I like seeing it every day because it helps me remember what I own and encourages me to wear jewelry more often! I hope this post was helpful. Love, Elsa

Tuesday, August 19

Happy birthday me!

Hello everyone!
Yesterday I turned 16. The plan was to go eat sushi with my family but the restaurant was closed just for the three days around my birth date (rude!). But we did have chocolate cake (my favorite thing ever!). It wasn't a glamorous birthday with a big party and hundreds of gifts, but it was nice, calm and I did get very nice gifts! It wasn't very different of an ordinary day, but it's was nice spending the day thinking about myself and what I want.
Anyway, I did my nails yesterday and decided to make the very classic cupcake mani. I also did a cute little rabbit on another finger to make it more me (bunnies are my favorite animals since forever, as a child I had about nine different rabbit plushes!) but the poor rabbit got completely scrunched and disfigured during the day :(
Love, Elsa

Thursday, August 14

Drawing 003: Portrait

Hi everyone!
I am back again. I took a break from blogging and stuff because I haven't felt inspired in a long time and I simply didn't want to force myself to do it. I started a blog for fun, and I think it should stay fun. An amazing blogger (Whitney from Dressed Up Nails, go check her blog out if you like nail art!) once told me that if I should never blog if I don't want to. I've thought about this and she's so right! If I'm not having fun, you guys probably won't either and I really don't want that. Anyway, I recently found some amazing illustrators online (I'll do a whole post of links soon) and it inspired me to draw again. I really want to get better at drawing portraits so yesterday I tried to draw Holland Roden (in this pic). She's an actress from Teen Wolf (my two weeks of non-creativity included watching the whole series from season 1 to the beginning of season 4). Besides the ridiculous name (at least in my opinion), it's quite good. It's not great, but it's funny and I really like Dylan O'Brien ^^. Anyway, I kinda like my drawing. It doesn't look like her so much that I would actually recognize her but I think my overall technique has improved. If you have any tips or remarks please leave me a comment. I wish you an amazing day, and bye!!
Love, Elsa