Monday, April 20

Blog Name and URL Change!

Hello friends!
I have decided to change my blog name. So I decided to make a brand new blog because it was just easier than to modify the url on this one. I will now be blogging at Totally Elsa.
I never really liked Crafty Hands and Pretty Nails as a name. It was too long and complicated but I simply didn't know what else to name it. I felt it described the content well. The thing is that I blog about a lot of different subjects so it's impossible to list them all in the name. So I decided to make the name more general. Totally Elsa is also shorter and simpler, and it feels a lot more like me. Also, I worked a lot on the design of my new blog and I hope you like it. I am very grateful to have you as a reader here, and I would be very happy to have you following me to Totally Elsa. Have a wonderful day.
Love, Elsa

If you follow this blog on Bloglovin and wish to follow the new one there as well, click here.

Sunday, April 12

Life Update and Pins

I am still alive!
It's been more than a month since I've posted anything which is CRAZY. But I've just had so much work and I haven't done anything creative in a while. Plus, I've been dying to paint my nails but we have rugby at school so my nails keep on breaking. But, I will have a 2 weeks break very soon so I'll try to make as many posts as possible and even save some for later. For now, here's a small compilation of pins I like. Up there is this lovely cacti print by Buddy Editions.

This gorgeous hairstyle on Hemingway and Hepburn. Doesn't come with a tutorial but pretty self-explanatory.
 This adorable sweater from LightInTheBox. Meow.
This unbelievably beautiful artwork by Karina Eibatova. (see a whole post on this site).
I hope you enjoy looking at these and have an awesome day!
Love, Elsa