Thursday, April 24

White Queen dress

Hello friends!
Here are pictures of my costume that I wore for carnival! I was Alice in Wonderland's White Queen! Obviously, my dress isn't nearly as beautiful as the one worn by Anne Hathaway in the Tim Burton movie, but I think that it is quite nice for something I sewed during two weeks everyday after school! I'll admit, I'm proud of myself :)

I hope you like it! If you are interested in a tutorial, please tell me so in the comments !
Love, Elsa

Monday, April 21


bunny ring: six
Hi everybody!
I hope you had a wonderful Easter, with lots of chocolate!
bunny origami box post here

Thursday, April 17

Easter bunny origami

Hi friends!
Easter is almost here and I am so excited for the egg hunt! (Yes, I still look for chocolate eggs in my garden :P ). I made these adorable bunny paper boxes by following this tutorial.