Sunday, February 2

DIY Jewelry box

 I made this simple jewelry box to store my rings and stud-earrings. And you can easily make your own!
You'll need some foam, scissors, glue, fabric (I would advise a thick fabric in any color you like) and a box. I used the box of an old video tape.
Measure the size of your box to know what size you'll need to cut your little foam pieces.
Then, glue the foam pieces with the fabric by folding it each time like on the picture above.
For the fabric, I used black so I can really see my jewelry pieces. I think a pattern could be cute but it might distract the attention from the jewelry.
Don't you think these deer earrings are the cutest ? My sister gave them to me for Christmas! And here you go, you got yourself a cute jewelry box. I might do another tutorial to show you how I decorate it.
Love, Elsa

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