Friday, July 4

DIY Birthday Card


Hello everyone and happy 4th of July!
Since I am french, I don't celebrate the American Independence Day. However, my Dad's birthday is today. So happy birthday Dad! I made this little card for him because I always prefer homemade cards over store-bought ones. It's always more personal. And to make it more personal, I put a little octopus on it! (It's kind of an inside joke) I was inspired by the summer and the sea so I put ombré waves on it. To make your own card you'll need some white paper for the base of the card, some blue paper in at least three shades (you could pick another color instead of blue but it wouldn't look like waves, but I guess you could make some red and orange lava...? Or a magic pink sea!), scissors, glue and a pencil.
First, cut your white paper to make the base of the card. You can make it any size you like. Then, cut the lightest shade of blue a tiny less larger than the white card once it's folded in two. You don't have to make it as long as the card, just make sure it's long enough so the next color will cover the bottom of it.
After that, draw the waves on the top of your blue paper. I tried several options but I went with three waves in the end. Once you are happy with the shape of the waves, cut it.
Then, glue it to the card. You can glue it as high or as low as you want. I left a bit of white at the top but you could leave more or none at all. Then, repeat the same steps with the darker blues. I made the medium shade with four waves and the darkest with three again.
And to add the finishing touch, I drew a cute little octopus on some white paper and cut it out and I gave him a face with a black pen. And I added a speech bubble cut out of tracing paper because I thought the transparency effect would look cool and I didn't want to hide the waves. Obviously, it's my dad's b-day so I wrote "happy birthday" on it but you can write anything you like.
And voila! You just made a super cute summer themed card. The octopus is a little childish so it would make a cute card for a baby boy birth. And yes, I know my father is not a baby boy but I like cute stuff so that's what he got!
Love, Elsa

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