Tuesday, August 19

Happy birthday me!

Hello everyone!
Yesterday I turned 16. The plan was to go eat sushi with my family but the restaurant was closed just for the three days around my birth date (rude!). But we did have chocolate cake (my favorite thing ever!). It wasn't a glamorous birthday with a big party and hundreds of gifts, but it was nice, calm and I did get very nice gifts! It wasn't very different of an ordinary day, but it's was nice spending the day thinking about myself and what I want.
Anyway, I did my nails yesterday and decided to make the very classic cupcake mani. I also did a cute little rabbit on another finger to make it more me (bunnies are my favorite animals since forever, as a child I had about nine different rabbit plushes!) but the poor rabbit got completely scrunched and disfigured during the day :(
Love, Elsa

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