Saturday, August 23

6 Ways to Display Jewelry

Hi everyone! Today I thought I would show you 6 ways to display your jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, rings....
1. Cupcake stands. This one isn't such an original idea, everyone does it. But they're so pretty!! I use mine to display my bracelets. You can find some in home decor stores, vintage stores... I found mine at a garage sale. You could even DIY one, there are tons of tutorials on the internet.
2. Branches and antlers make beautiful necklace holders. You can find my tutorial for that branch here.
3. Bowls and plates are very handy and cute to store and display small pieces like rings. I like to separate the gold and the silver ones.
4. Plates are nice for bigger things like perfume bottles and nail polish. I also put some pendants and and pretty fake flowers to decorate it. This plate was diy-ed following this tutorial by ABM.
5. This jewelry box is super easy to make yourself! Find out how to make it here.
6. This last one can't really be used to display a huge quantity of necklaces but I like to hang really special pieces on this mirror.
And this is how I keep all my jewelry in my room. I like seeing it every day because it helps me remember what I own and encourages me to wear jewelry more often! I hope this post was helpful. Love, Elsa

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