Saturday, October 4

DIY: Fall/Autumn watercolor artwork

Hi friends!
Today's post is not about nail art! I'm happy to show you some watercolors today. As much as I love nail art, I'm happy to be finished with the challenge so I have more time to do other stuff. I chose to make something for fall/autumn (depends how you call it). It was really easy and it looks so cute! And you can easily do it too. Here's how:
You'll need one or two thin brushes, some water and of course watercolors! Here are the colors I used. I used red, orange and yellow the most. The brow was only for small details so it's not that important.
I am assuming you know the basics to watercolor but if you don't I would advise to watch some tutorials. I myself learned watercolors on youtube. I'm really not an expert at them but it's quite easy. So, to make the leaf, draw the outline (and fill it in) with a pale color so you'll be able to add more color on it. Then, use your lighter color at the top of the leaf (yellow). After that, put your medium color around the middle (orange) and the darkest color at the bottom (red). Don't forget to blend it in with a bit a water, it makes all the difference!
I did the same for the writing. Use a pale color first and then add more, blending between each color to make the gradient nicer. As you can see from this picture, I did several mistakes but you can only see them from really close so they don't bother me that much. Also, I painted the writing on a different piece of paper and added it after because I was afraid of messing it up. Of course you could just write directly below the leaf.
I hope you liked this tutorial and if you try it out, please give me a link in the comments! Love, Elsa

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  1. This is pretty! I love how yours turned out.



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