Wednesday, October 29

My favorites: Halloween Nail Art

Hi everybody!
Halloween is only 2 days away and I decided to do a little round-up of my favorite halloween themed nails. This first one is from Chalkboard Nails is from 2012! I was going trough the archives of her blog because I admire her so much and I can't get enough and I found these! Beautiful, aren't they?
These adorable ghosts are from Emma over at Dahlia Nails.
And these are from Coewless Polish for the 29th day of the 31 Day Challenge "Inspired by the Supernatural". Perfect for Halloween then!
This nail art is a bit more spooky: eyeballs! You can find a tutorial on burkatron.
These look super elegant and can be worn all year long! But they also work for Halloween. There's a tutorial at Chalkboard Nails. I hope you find this list useful and you'll feel as inspired as I am by these talented ladies.
Love, Elsa.

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