Saturday, October 11

Halloween Nail Art

Hello everyone!
Today I was going through my bloglovin feed and I saw so many halloween diys and it made me realize: Halloween is just around the corner! In France, it's never a big thing but I always like to dress up and hand out candies to the very few children that come. The picture above is actually something I did last year. Except I didn't post it in time (on my previous blog) so I kept it in a folder on my computer and I thought I should finally share it! I love all of these designs. My favorite is the black cat and the spiderweb. Which one do you like? I was thinking about making some tutorials maybe and since I only have one week of school left before the break, I will have more time on my hands. It makes me sad to not have enough time to blog more than once a week but this school year is really busy! Anyway, tell me which of these designs you'd like to see a tutorial of and bye!
Love, Elsa

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  1. Ooh, I love these! My favorite is the cat, too. I'd love to see a tutorial for that one :) Great blog!


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