Sunday, September 21

31DC2014 Day 21: Inspired by a color

For today's challenge, we had to do a nail art "inspired by a color". Like a lot of other people, I was a little confused by what that meant. I decided to do something inspired by a polish's name, because I saw other bloggers do it last year and liked the idea. However, most of the polishes I own don't have names so I didn't have such a wide collection to choose from. Actually, that was probably a good thing because it probably would have been harder to decide. I chose H&M's "pink macaroon". However, I recently learned the difference between macaron and macaroon and I am pretty confident that they meant macaron, the french pastry. I started with a french manicure (see what I did: french manicure?) as a base and it was something I had never done because I just didn't find it that nice. But I now think it looks really elegant! This is a perfect example for the fact that you have to try things before deciding if you like them. Anyway, I then drew the two macaron shells with the H&M color and painted the lighter pink with "marshmallow" from Angelica. (I like that this also has the name of something sweet!) I outlined it all with 288 from Kiko mixed with a bit of white. To finish it off, I put on some top coat (HEMA) and voila!
Do you like french macarons? I love them and practiced making them this summer. But I didn't make any pink ones because I prefer chocolate over everything! ^^
Love, Elsa

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