Saturday, September 27

31DC2014 Day 27: Inspired by an artwork

Hi friends!
I was really excited when I realized that today was inspired by an artwork day! I just love seeing other people's art and I follow so many people on pinterest or tumblr. So today wasn't about finding inspiration, but about choosing. I decided to do something in honor of Fifi Lapin, because I just love that adorable bunny fashionista. I had trouble with the black lines smudging but I didn't want to do it again so I decided to show it to you anyways. This blog is about my passions and what I do and I don't feel like I should only post the perfect stuff. I like to post the real stuff. I kept yesterdays nails and just redid the ring finger nail. Even if the lines are smudged, I still love today's nail art because bunnies are one of my favorite things and Fifi Lapin is really cool! Do you like it?
Love, Elsa

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